What is Bizsafe 3?

All workplaces covered under the Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) are required to conduct risk assessment for every work activity and process carried out at their workplaces.

Workplaces which achieved bizSAFE Level 3 would have their RM implementation audited and this is an important step towards complying with the requirements in the WSHA and its subsidiary legislation. In order to attain bizSAFE Level 3 status, your enterprise must engage an MOM Approved WSH auditor to assess the implementation of RM in your enterprise.

Our experienced safety consultants will be assisting you to implement the RM in your company as well as to assist your company engage a 3rd party WSH Auditor.


What is HDB?

The Housing & Development Board is the statutory board of the Ministry of National Development responsible for public housing in Singapore. It is generally credited with clearing the squatters and slums of the 1960s and resettling residents into low-cost state-built housing. Today, as many as 82% of Singaporeans live in public housing provided by the HDB.


What is BCA?

The Building and Construction Authority is a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development of the Singapore Government. It was established on 1 April 1999 through the merger of the Construction Industry Development Board and the Building Control Division of the former Public Works Department.

The primary role of BCA is to develop and regulate Singapore’s building and construction industry.