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    We provide full range of aircon service. The following list:

  • Aircon servicing
  • Regular contract maintenance
  • 120℃ High temp steam clean
  • Chemical overhaul
  • Aircon repair
  • Aircon installation
  • Evaluate and advice

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There can be many reasons caused aircon leaking as below:

  • Drain pipe clogged
  • Fan coil inside too dirty
  • Condensation of insulation
  • Shortage of gas

It will be a good choice to engage a quarterly service on your air-con units thus to prevent any other expenses to service and maintain your air-con.

Prevent Aircon Leaking

There are a number of causes, such as:

  • Air filter dirty
  • Air filter or Aircon inside is blocking
  • Parts may be faulty
  • Fan motor is clod with dust. Thus, cool air is being blocked, therefore cannot be blown out
  • The air conditioner installed is undersized

Please contact us 6816-9999 to diagnose your aircon problem.

Enjoy Cold Experience

Aircon smelly is due to these reasons:

  • Aircon humidity problem
  • Aircon mould and mildew build up
  • Decomposing insects trapped in aircon

When the smell is very bad you may need a more intensive chemical treatment to rectify this problem.

Prevent Aircon Smelly

Noisy air conditioners are one of the common problems encountered. The reasons may be of a singular nature or due to multiple faulty functioning in the aircon. Eg:

  • Loose of front grill
  • Faulty motor bearings or abnormal gas pressure in the air fan coil pipe
  • Bent fan blades

Contact us 6816-9999 for an onsite troubleshooting for your aircon noisy issue.

Troubleshooting & Repairing

The aircon service frequency depends on your usage frequency. Most people service their aircon every 3 month s and sign up a yearly maintenance contract. By doing so, your aircon is well taken care of and total price is much more cheaper than single service.

3 Month ++

Regular servicing can prolong the life span and efficiency of your aircon. Without regular maintenance, an aircon can lose up to 5% energy efficiency and cost up to 20% more to operate. Regular maintenance will avoid costly repairs, provide better air quality, ensure consistency of air flow etc.

Normally, if there is no gas leak problem on your condenser, the gas will last at least more than 1 year.

The life span of the aircon will be shortened, coolness decreases with usage and water-leaking problem may occur because of a choke drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.

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