Aircon Servicing

Regular maintenance and cleaning of an air conditioning system. The exact procedures may vary depending on the service provider or the specific needs of the system, but the following tasks are generally included:

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash, also known as aircon chemical cleaning, is a more intensive cleaning process for air conditioning units. It involves the use of specialized cleaning chemicals to thoroughly clean the various components of the system. Here is what aircon chemical wash typically consists of.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul, also known as aircon chemical overhaul cleaning, is an extensive cleaning and maintenance procedure for air conditioning units. It is typically recommended when the aircon unit is experiencing significant issues, such as poor cooling performance, persistent mold or bacteria growth, or unusual odours. Here’s what aircon chemical overhaul generally consists of.

Aircon Gas Top up

Assessing the refrigerant level: The technician will first assess the refrigerant level in the air conditioning system to determine if it is low or insufficient. This is usually done using specialized gauges or pressure sensors.

Aircon Installation

Aircon installation refers to the process of setting up a new air conditioning system in a building or space. It involves several steps to ensure the proper and efficient installation of the system. Here is an overview of what aircon installation generally consists of:

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